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What Should A Man Do?

Posted on: December 8, 2011 1:45 am

We all know about THAT guy who played on the high school team who was really good but never made an effort to be amazing. The guy who makes everyone scratch their heads about why he either hasn't or can't take the next step.


A couple of reasons may include..

1) He has peaked out

2) He cannot take the pressure of being a star

3) He does not have the right people around him

4) The stars haven't aligned and it's a mystery


I believe and I've seen that people who fall into this category mostly if not always lack one major thing in the game of basketball.

The right people or players around him.


There is a star in the making at the University of North Texas.


Chris Jones

6' 2" 195lbs PG


Jones and Texas Tech starting SG Toddrick Gotcher lead Lakeview Centennial High School to back-to-back Texas state championship games. Both resulting in a loss…nevertheless, Jones and Gotcher are making a statement among their peers by not only starting but already making a big impact on their teams.


This brings me to my question/point/argument whatever you wish to call it.


What should stars on not-so-great teams do?

Should they transfer to a bigger university to get a chance to show they can compete at a higher level than what they are competing at?

What would it take for a bigger school such as Baylor, Texas, Kansas (sorry for the Big12 bias) to look at a player like Jones and consider signing him?


If anyone watched the UNT and Tech game played in November than they know what kind of player Chris Jones is, 31pts against his old high school teammate. If you did not see that game...either search it up or video or box scores.



So, I ask you all to put in some input and debate/question why and how stars at smaller schools should transfer to bigger schools, or at least consider it to show their true skills.


Because, no NBA scouts are going to go watch a UNT game. Period. I wouldn't, I would say get me game film and that's it.

This guy Jones is the real deal and the only thing that he needs is exposure to more people. 

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